Today At The Black Belt Garden Greenhouse


Today @  BBG GH @ UWA

Today I am labeling a few plants in the Black Belt Garden Green House on the University of West Alabama campus. We have 2 Begonias that are too fair gon

A drawing I found online

e in cross pollination to where I cannot seem to find a name for them. The drawing to the right is a very close variety, I believe. I posted the picture because it was beautiful.

I will post more photos of the plants later on today, hopefully.

To name a plant you must use the Genus and the species. This is due to the Linnaean taxonomy. The Genus species must be underlined or italicized and the common name can have ” ” around it to signify the local name of the plant.

These plants are considered Tropicals. They are watered once or twice a week and have a ‘bright light’ environment. The greenhouse stays warm so that the plants do not freeze in the winter.

I am finding the scientific names for a few plants, today. For example, the Rubber Plant is Ficus elastica. Here is a link that is useful for information on The Rubber Tree plant.